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Jessi lovezJapan1576 Jessi lovezJapan1576 2 July 2019

My love for visual Kai bands

                      Visual Kai bands


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DuchessDream DuchessDream 18 October 2018

New Admin

Hello all,

My name is DuchessDream. I am an admin on the Cardcaptor Sakura wikia as well as the Chobits wikia.

As I have a fondness for organization, I wanted to add my favourite Visual J-Band to this encyclopedia. Upon doing so, I ran into a few problems and found that the wiki as (generally) been abandoned by the current admins. As I cannot organize the site at an effective level and the admins have been inactive for just about 3 years. I am going to start the process of the "wiki adaption" and part of the requirements is to create a public blog or discussion about it.

  • I have admin experiences
  • I know basic coding
  • I excel at organization, page layouts,and navigation efficiency
  • Fast response time to messages and inquiries
  • Strong artistic vision …

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Koriin Koriin 13 September 2010

Gender Equality in JRock

Hey VKei fans... Just wondering... Has anyone else noticed the staggering amount of men NOT present at lives these days? I'm so glad that rock is so big with women here, as opposed to the states where it is still overwhelmingly male... But, the music is awesome, so I don't understand the lack of interest from my gender. ;-; Sure, the visuals are aimed at women, but that doesn't mean that us dudes can't rock out too, right? I was the ONLY guy (besides the members) at the last live I was at. In most cases, a good scenario, but... I don't want VKei to get lost to an entire half of the population. That seems criminal, deshou?

Even the death voice chants have been replaced by cute girls trying to get a member's attention by shouting his name (no…

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