DESTINY -The Lovers-
Versailles DESTINY
Single by Versailles
Format CD, CD+DVD (2 ltd. ed.)
Release Date 2010.10.27
Length 15:40
Genre Symphonic metal, power metal, neo-classical metal
Label Warner Music Japan
Catalog Number WPCL-10866

WPZL-30219 WPZL-30221

Price ¥1,200 (Regular)

¥2,500 (Type A) ¥1,500 (Type B)

Producer Versailles
DESTINY -The Lovers- is the third single by Versailles and the second as major, released on October 27, 2010. This is the band's first single to feature new bassist Masashi. The single came in three editions: a regular with just the CD and two limited editions each with a different cover and DVD. The first included live performances from their concert at Tokyo's JCB Hall on April 30, 2010, the other has the promotional video for the title track. The version that appears on Holy Grail has an orchestrated intro.

Track listing

Regular Edition CD

  1. DESTINY -The Lovers- 5:47
    composed by KAMIJO, lyrics by KAMIJO, arranged by Versailles
  2. Glowing Butterfly - 5:51
    composed by HIZAKI, lyrics by KAMIJO, arranged by Versailles
  3. Libido - 4:02
    composed by TERU, lyrics by KAMIJO, arranged by Versailles

Limited Edition A DVD

  1. 愛と哀しみのノクターン
    (Ai to kanashimi no nocturne)
  2. Amorphous
  3. 月下香
  4. Serenade
  6. God Palace

Limited Edition B DVD

  1. DESTINY -The Lovers- PV


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