Spelling デビルーフ
Status indies, active
Years 2015 - present
Genres Deathcore, Metalcore, Rock
Labels 9th RECORDS

Devil's Proof Records

Website OHP

"Our onstage performances are the most violent, brutal and fastest that you will see."


Deviloof are a visual kei band, formed on December 12th, 2015 by members of a non-visual kei band All Must Die.


They debuted at Osaka on December 6, alongside the bands D.I.D. and By:ARLANT. Their first single, Ruin, was also released at that live.

They are often called "Visual Kei's most brutal band" due to their brutal and violent visuals, fast riffs and death-growl vocals.

Keisuke (vocals) commented on why they chose the name of their band—“'Deviloof' is a word created by us, Deviloof means an omittance of devil’s proof. We chose this as it leads to the thought of a phenomenon where there is no proof that Satan showed to Christ. It leads to a very mysterious feel, something beyond what is easy to understand."

They reached a hiatus in April of 2017 but made a comeback on September 12th, 2017.

On August 31, 2018, the band announced that Seiya (Guitar) and Hiroto (Drums) would be departing from the group. However, the remaining members said that they would not halt their performance activities, and continue on with a support drummer and support guitarist.


  • 桂佑 (Keisuke) - Vocals
    → All Must Die → Deviloof
  • Ray - Guitar
    → ColdEyezART ELICIA (support), Belzemo, Deviloof (support) → Deviloof 
  • 太輝 (Daiki) - Bass
    → All Must Die → Deviloof

Former members

  • 竜弥 (Ryuya) - Guitar
    → Deviloof→ DIMLIM
  • 晟也 (Seiya) - Guitar
    → Deviloof → ?
  • ひろと (Hiroto) - Drums
    → All Must Die → Deviloof → ?




  • 2015.12.06 Ruin (live-limited)
  • 2016.04.01 Ishtar


  • When asked what Seyia's favorite hobby was, he answered with "Playing first person shooter games (FPS)." He also said that "killing people" in a FPS game helps "Polish up our brutal musicality."
  • Keisuke has stated that "rubbing [him]self down with a rough towel" helps to rejuvenate his creativity.
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