HIZAKI grace project
Spelling ヒザキグレイスプロジェクト
Status major, active
Origin Tokyo, Kanto
Years 2004 - 2005, 2006 - 2007
2015 - present
Genres Symphonic Metal
Neoclassical Metal
Visual Rock
Labels Warner Music Japan/CHATEAU AGENCY (2015 - present)
Sherow Artist Society (2007-)
Sequence Records (2006-2007)
kapparecords (2004-2005)
Grace (2004-2005)
Related Versailles

HIZAKI grace project is the solo project of Versailles and Jupiter's guitarist, HIZAKI.


HIZAKI's first solo work was a bonus track on his band Schwardix Marvally's mini-album in 2004. The same year HIZAKI kept releasing a few records as a solo artist on kapparecords (the same label that Schwardix Marvally was signed to) with the help of session musicians and guest vocalists. After HIZAKI joined SULFURIC ACID in 2005 the project was put on hold. However, the band announced disbandment a year later and HIZAKI started playing at live events with support member using the moniker "HIZAKI grace project". At the end of 2006 HIZAKI grace project released a full length album with stable project members and Juka on vocals. The project acted as a full-fledged band and started performing live frequently. KAMIJO collaborated as a sound producer even though the release was on ex-SULFURIC ACID TOMOZO's label Sequence Records. In February 2007 the project slowed down activities as HIZAKI would soon announce his new band Versailles, and would only perform at special events (often with different lineups). At the end of 2007 HIZAKI grace project released the instrumental album Curse of Virgo, which was the first release featuring solely HIZAKI.

The project would officially come back as simply "HIZAKI" in 2015 with the release of a full-length album and a world tour.


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Note: the lineup may be slightly different at some concerts and in some studio recordings due to the busy schedules of the regular support members.


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