Harui ハルイ is the guitarist and main composer of glamscure.

Real name Yasuharu Ito (伊藤康晴)
Aliases 晴伊 (2011-2013)
Date of birth February 16th
Birthplace Chiba
Bloodtype A
Years active 2004 - present
Current band glamscure
Occupation guitarist
Instruments guitar, vocals


Harui first became part of the visual kei scene as the roadie of deadman by his real name Yasuharu Ito. He is credited in some of their CD's as pre-production engineer and was pretty known by deadman fans as he joined the members on stage in a few occasions. In October 2004 he even released a solo album which was sold exclusively at deadman's concerts.

After deadman disbanded he went by his stage name Harui as the support guitarist of Video Glamour in October 2006. In 2007 the project went on hiatus to come back with a renewed lineup and little is known about Harui's activities afterwards.

In 2010 Video Glamour invited him as a support guitarist again, as two of their members departed. During the same time he was also playing in session bands, one of which settled with permanent members as pezment in 2011 (Harui was both vocalist and guitarist). In 2012 Video Glamour disbanded and Harui started his first full-fledged band un with former Monokuro Kinema vocalist Taketoshi. un did not last long as Harui decided do depart in March 2013. The remaining members put the band on hiatus and kept playing together in the session Yami yori yamishi 闇より病みし (which would later become nue).

Harui then temporarily disappeared from the scene again and came back only to play guest guitar for the solo artist Roqudama Carta for a few occasions in 2014. He also recorded a couple of tracks for his first mini-album.

In 2015 he announced he would form a new band glamscure together with former pezment bassist Inori.

Band History

  • un - August 2nd 2012 ~ March 27 2013
  • glamscure - April 23rd 2015 ~ present

Support Member

Session Bands


  • deadman - roadie and pre-production engineer
  • 伊藤康晴 (Yasuharu Ito) - one release-only solo project in late 2004, sold at deadman's merchandise table.




With ヴィデオグラマァ

With pezment

With un

With glamscure

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