most recent stage name
Real name kanji name (romaji). Please put the real name only if it's officially confirmed or proven in some ways
Aliases list all stage names used providing in chronological order (please put years in brackets)
Date of birth please don't put the year of birth if it comes from unfounded rumours. It must be proven or officially confirmed by the musician himself
Birthplace city where the musician was born
Date of death date of death, place of death
Bloodtype bloodtype
Years active year of debut - year of retirement
Current band most recent band (use internal link). Write "none" if the musician is retired or looking for new bands.
Occupation producer, vocalist, etc.
Instruments put here the instruments the musician officially played at least once in his career
Website official website/blog of the musician, not of his band

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|real name=
|current band=

Write here a couple of lines introducing the artist.


Write here the artist biography in detail. You can write as much as you like, but please remember to avoid personal opinions or highly questionable rumours.
If the biography is very long, please divide it in sub-chapters (using the ===level 3 headline===).
We know that including pictures make the whole page prettier, but please try to avoid them if the biography is short or if the artist had a short career. You can put some pictures if the artist had a long career showing how his look changed through the years or some important moments of his career.

Band history

* '''[[Band name]]''' - instruments played (date joined ~ date left)

Support member

* '''[[Band name]]''' - instruments played (date joined ~ date left)

Session bands

* '''[[Band name]]''' - instruments played (date joined ~ date left)

If the artist played in short-lived session bands, please provide the lineup and a short description:

* '''Band name''' - description and lineup.

Guest appearances

* '''[[Band name]]''' - role (date, period or [[release title]])


This section is optional and needs to be added to list other music-related jobs, like produced bands, labels, live houses, works as songwriter for other artits, works as roadie, etc.


If you like you can add such chapters as trivia and other examinations (optional).


While adding the artist discography, please check the pages of his bands if available. By doing this you'll make sure that you listed all the releases needed and did no mistakes with titles and internal links. The artist discographies are meant to provide only basic information, so please add only albums and singles and avoid listing other release types.


Please write here only full-lenght studio or live albums and EPs (mini-albums). Don't add compilation albums ("Best of").

<gallery widths="150" spacing="small" orientation="square" captionalign="left">
Image:albumarttitle.jpg|<center>'''[[Band]]<br>[[title]]'''<br>album type (</center>
Image:albumarttitle.jpg|<center>'''[[Band]]<br>[[title]]'''<br>album type (</center>

Note: Title releases should be written in their original spelling, as seen on the cover: be sure to type it correctly even if it contains kanji, kana, symbols, capitals. You should add the romaji translation in brackets but outside the link or with the following code.


Write here all the official single releases of the artist, avoiding demos, live-limited singles, distributed singles, re-releases or additional presses. The full single list will be available on the band page.

* [[Title]]

Guest appearances

Write here all the CD's featuring this artist as a guest. All types of release are accepted.

* [[Title]]


Please write here the sources that you used for writing your profile.

External links

Links to official websites and fansites.

You also need to add categories for your profile using the code

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