album title (no romaji)
release type (studio album, single, live album, EP, etc.) by band name (put as "Various" if an omnibus or more than 1 band is involved)
Format CD, DVD, VHS, LD, Digital etc.
Release Date (if there's more than one edition, please write all the release dates; if they are different, in brackets add the different reasons i.e different country or re-releases)
Recorded in recording date, recording place
Length hh:mm:ss
Genre genres of the album
Label label that published the original release. If another label reissued this, please specify it.
Catalog Number if there's more than one edition, please write all the catalog numbers with references in brackets.
Price please write the official price written on the back of the CD case with the template:y before the number for the yen symbol to appear
Producer producers
Chart peak you can find ranking information looking for the album page on Leave blank if not available

Write here information about the album, avoiding personal opinion or reviews. Starting with the releases name. If the release is titled in Japanese, use Template:PTT.

Track List

Insert a table with the following column titles,

# Title Length Notes

How to fill out the Track List table:


  • write the track number as "1." "2." "3."
  • add a "*" if the track is listed as a bonus track


  • Use Template:TT within the "Title" cell if the track title is in Japanese.
  • If the title is in English, only bold it.


  • Add the tracks length as mm:ss

If the album is an omnibus, add "Album", "Single" as columns after the "Length" if necessary. 4."Album"

  • If the album is an omnibus, include a link to the album the track was first published on.


  • If the album is an omnibus, include a link to the single the track was first published on.

If the album is an omnibus or compilation of various bands, create the following table:

# Title Band Length Album Single


Write here the band lineup for this release. You also need to list here support members and guests. Use Template:Lineup.


Release credits as they're written in the booklet. If the original text is in Japanese, please write a translation only.


If you like you can add such chapters as trivia, reception, edition rundown, background information or other in-depth information (optional).


Please write here the sources that you used for writing your profile.

External links

Links to official websites and fansites.

The first category you need to add is the release type (like Album, Single, EP, etc).

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