Real name 藤井秀明 (Fujii Hideaki)
Date of birth January 19th, 1979
Birthplace Kobe
Bloodtype B
Years active 1997 - 2002, 2012 - present
Current band Insanity Injection, UNDEAD
Occupation Producer, Bassist, Composer
Instruments Bass
Website Official Blog

Hideaki 秀暁 (born January 19th, 1979 in Kobe) is the owner of the visual kei independent label ELE-MUSIC, best known for having been the leader and bassist of the Matina band DAS:VASSER. After being out of the music scene for a decade, he resumed activities for a year with DAS:VASSER and after playing in several session bands he is now a member of Insanity Injection and UNDEAD.

Personal Life

Hideaki started his first band DAS:VASSER in 1997 while attending college in Kobe. As the band grew bigger and was signed to Matina, he quit studies in order to focus on his musical career.

DAS:VASSER later left Matina and moved to Tokyo as an independent band in 2001, but disbanded a year later. Hideaki then came back to Kobe and supposedly retired from all musical activities.

In 2010 he resurfaced as the CEO of the independent visual kei label ELE-MUSIC. He mostly signed local acts from the Kansai area, and also occasionally came back on stage in session bands. In 2012 DAS:VASSER resumed activities for a year to celebrate their tenth anniversary. At the same time, he started planning a new project with formed Aliene Ma'riage vocalist Kyouka.

Hideaki and Kyouka then played together in the Pink-Tribal for a couple of years until their new full-fledged band Insanity Injection was announced. It is not confirmed whether he is now stationed in Tokyo or still in the Kansai area. Since 2015, he is also the bassist of Nagoya band UNDEAD.

Band history

Session bands

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With Insanity Injection

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  • Height: 173 cm
  • Weigth: 50 kg
  • Respected musician: LUNA SEA
  • Hobbies: pachinko, fishing
  • Favourite brand: GAUTIER
  • Attended university in Osaka (Osaka Institute of Technology) with Kyohei, but had to quit to focus on DAS:VASSER

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