Jasmine You
Real name 影山勇一 (Kageyama Yuuichi)
Aliases 勇 (Yuu)
茉莉花勇 (Jasmine You)
Date of birth 8 March 1979, Aichi prefecture
Date of death 9 August 2009, Tokyo
Bloodtype B
Years active 1998 - 2009
Occupation bassist
Instruments bass

Jasmine You was a bass player, being well known for his time in Versailles. He was also the bassist of HIZAKI grace project and 雀羅.


He was born in Aichi, Japan. He formed Jakura in March 1998 under the name "Yuu" and later in 2003, Jakura disbanded and he joined a few session bands. Later, Hizaki invited him to join Hizaki Grace Project when they met at Tokyo, and he then joined Versailles.

On August 3rd, 2009 Jasmine had suspended activities with Versailles, due to deteriorating health.


On August 9, 2009, it was reported that Jasmine You had passed away.

2009.8.9 「Versailles」 Urgent Announcement: Though Jasmine You had taken time off in order to rest because of poor physical condition, we received a report that early in the morning on August 9, he died. Because of the extreme abruptness of this news, the members and staff are all dumbfounded and trying hard to accept this it. As soon as his family has been notified and updated as to the details and we receive their permission, we will further report to all of the fans. Moreover, with the current announcement, in regards to activity, please allow us to postpone it.

Versailles members refer to Jasmine as an eternal member.

Band history

Session bands

As support member

  • KAMIJO - Live Bass (December 2006)



Singles & Demos

with 雀羅

with HIZAKI grace project

with Node of Scherzo

with Versailles

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