Kyoki is a visual kei guitarist most known as ex-Secilia Luna member Kyoki.

Aliases 蛾々 (Gaga, since 2016)
Kyoki (2009 - 2016)
叶唏 (until 2009)
Date of birth December 4th
Birthplace Ashikaga, Tochigi
Bloodtype AB
Years active 200? - 2016
Current band none
Occupation guitarist
Instruments guitar, programming
Website Official Blog


Kyoki's first known band has been Mirareta, which started activities in 2002. At the same time, he was the roadie of the main CLIMAX ENTERPRISE band Cuartet.

At the end of 2006 Mirareta disbanded and most of its member went on to join Secilia Luna. The band got a deal with the independent label Red List Entertainment until they formed their own label Angelianity in 2009. Kyoki acted as the CEO of their label and did graphic design for all of their works as well as working for other bands.

Secilia Luna disbanded in 2013 and Kyoki temporarily stopped officially band activities to focus on his work as a support guitarist (including idol Azusa Kobayashi) and occasionally played in session bands (most notably Pink-Tribal, which have been active for about three years). In May 2014 he announced his new band Ailection Tran3rd. The band would seldom play live and only released a digital single. In 2015 no information about upcoming activities was mentioned and their homepage disappeared without information.

In 2016 he has been briefly as a member of Insanity Injection. At the beginning he kept his identity secret using the stage name 蛾々 (GAGA) and providing different birthday and bloodtype, but Kyoki himself revealed the truth on his Twitter a few monhs later. He left the band on December 12th 2016 due to personal issues.

As Kyoki he keeps playing in session bands and sometimes works as a support guitarist for other acts. He also runs his own management office JPCE.

Band history

Session Bands


  • 小林梓 (Azusa Kobayashi) - 2013 ~ 2015 (Support Guitar)
  • 6→7 - December 31st 2013 (Support Guitar)
  • クオリア - March ~ April 2014 (Support Guitar)
  • Cuartet (Roadie)


  • Angelianity - 2009 ~ 2013 (to produce Secilia Luna works)
  • Bloom - 2014 ~ present (graphic design)
  • Graphic design for several other bands





With ミラレタ

With Secilia Luna

With Insanity Injection

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