Lyrical Sympathy
Versailles LyricalSympathy
EP by Versailles
Format CD, DVD
Release Date 2007.10.31
bazooka studio
Length 32:26
Genre Symphonic Metal
Neoclassical Metal
Power Metal
Label Sherow Artist Society
CLJ Records (Europe)
Catalog Number SASCD-027 (Japan)
CLJ 8826-2.2 (Europe)
Price ¥2625
Producer Versailles, KAMIJO
Chart peak #75 (1 week)
#4 (indies chart, 1 week)
Lyrical Sympathy is Versailles debut EP. It was released in Japan and Europe simultaneously thanks to the contract signed with the German label CLJ Records (a division of COLOSSEUM RECORDS) in August 2007. The European edition comes with a bonus DVD.

Track listing

  1. INTRO - 1:10
    composed by KAMIJO
  2. The Love from a Dead Orchestra - 8:29
    composed by KAMIJO, lyrics by KAMIJO
  3. Shout & Bites - 3:59
    composed by KAMIJO, lyrics by KAMIJO
  4. Beast of Desire - 4:26
    composed by HIZAKI, lyrics by KAMIJO
  5. Forbidden gate - 4:39
    composed by HIZAKI, lyrics by KAMIJO
  6. The Red Carpet Day - 4:24
    composed by TERU, lyrics by KAMIJO
  7. Sympathia - 6:09
    composed by HIZAKI, lyrics by KAMIJO

Bonus DVD

  1. Shout & Bites (PV)
    composed by KAMIJO, lyrics by KAMIJO




Total Produced by: Versailles

Guest Piano: Kazami (DaizyStripper)
Guitar Tech: Takuya Kumagai
Translator: Raika
English Editors: Wayne J. Moskwa, Leah Riegle
English Narration: Leah Riegle

Recording Engineer: Tsukasa Okamoto (innig recording hostelry), Tetsuya Tochigi (bazooka studio)
Mix Engineer: Tsukasa Okamoto (innig recording hostelry)
Recording & Mix Studios: APPLAUSE RECORDS STUDIO, bazooka studio
Mastering Engineer: Yukio Kobashi (Heart Beat Recording Studio)
Mastering Studio: Heart Beat Recording Studio Mastering Room B

Promotion: Mayumi Kojima (Delacroix), Susumu Ikouga
Management: Mayuki Kojima (Delacroix), Ayako Oda (Delacroix)
Management Desk: Kubota (Sherow Artist Society)

Photographer: Takaaki Henmi
Art Director: wait A minutes (Sherow Artist Society)
Image Model: NATALIA
Hair & Make-up: Nakamura, Matsumoto (Apt)
Costume Design: Sawako Sato (ID-JAPAN)
Costume Supervisor: Hidefumi Sato (ID-JAPAN)
Costume Production: ID-JAPAN C.C.P

Stage Crews: Shintarou, Enya, Reita, Aya
Stage Supervisor: Kondou

Executive Producer: KAMIJO (Sherow Artist Society)

Special Thanks: Descendant of the rose


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