Aliases Makoto
Date of birth September 15th
Birthplace Niigata
Bloodtype B
Years active 2001 - present
Current band Insanity Injection, 魅裟
Occupation guitarist, composer, lyricist, arranger, recording engineer
Instruments guitar, vocals, programming
Website Official Blog
Makoto 魔琴 is a guitarist currently member of Insanity Injection. He is also active as a solo artist under the moniker of Missa 魅裟.

Personal Life

Born in Niigata and raised in the Kanagawa prefecture, Makoto first played in the bands L'amethys and C'estlavie in 2001 and 2002. Nothing is known about these bands at this time.

In 2003 he would start 魅裟~MISSA~ as a leader. The band got more and more prominent in the independent scene until they suddenly announced disbandment in 2005. In 2006 Makoto came back as a member of Vardy99, which disbanded in less than a year. Shortly after that he was invited by ex-Aliene Ma'riage vocalist Kyouka to join his new band Chaos System, but left a few months later.

In 2008 MISSA resumed activities with all original members except guitarist Jin. At the same time, he played guitar for Buddy, a session band led by vocalist and band manager Yukika. On March 3rd 2009, exactly a year after their comeback, all MISSA members except Makoto left and the band went on indefinite hiatus.

After no relevant activities in 2010, Makoto started DROSERA OBLAAT. as a two-member unit with former Chaos System bandmate Kyouka. This project did not last long either, as they announced disbandment half a year later.

In 2012 Makoto formed Gekijō to Jiyū. The band got signed to the indies label THIRTEEN MUSIC and initially kept activities steady, but no further releases were announced and disbandment came in about two years. In Summer 2014 DROSERA OBLAAT briefly came back for a digital release and Kyouka invited Makoto to play in his session band Pink-Tribal. Pink-Tribal stopped activities in December 2014 in order for the members to form a full-fledged band called Insanity Injection. In 2015, while preparing for Insanity Injection, he played support for VABEL on a couple of gigs. Soon Insanity Injection debuted in February 2016, he also resumed Missa as his solo project. He would only release songs digitally without physical releases or live activity.

In July 2017 Insanity Injection went on hiatus, and Makoto became support guitarist for Roqudama Carta both in live and studio. In 2018 he released his first solo album and also joined continuative session band Black Murder with other Roqudama Carta support members.

Band history

Session bands





With ミサ

With Buddy

With 激情と自由

With Insanity Injection

As 魅裟 (solo project)

With ロクダマカルタ

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