Real name unknown
Aliases まや (ドレミ團 days)
Date of birth 11 July
Bloodtype O
Years active late 90's - present
Current band SHEENA, mayabeya
Occupation Bassist
Instruments Bass, Double Bass, Accordion, Piano, Programming

マヤ (Maya) is a bassist and solo artist, most known for being the former bassist of ドレミ團 (DOREMIdan). His musical style is very characteristic, identifiable by jazz, swing and sometimes circus-alike influences.


Maya's first band was a quite unknown visual kei band called りひと。. The band had no releases and probably disbanded after few months of low-profile activity.
In late 2002 DOREMIdan lost three members including leader and main composer Haruhi, and asked Maya to join as bassist. Maya became a primary influence to the band sound and shared songwriting duties with guitarist Ken until October 2004, when he decided to leave the band due to musical differences.
Shortly after leaving DOREMIdan, Maya started an instrumental solo project on his own called mayabeya. However, the project went on hiatus after releasing his debut single あの鐘が鳴る前に...。 (Ano kane ga naru mae ni...) in November.
Surprisingly enough, Maya became a temporary member of the heavy metal band AXBITES in early 2006, and a couple of months later formed his own band Anachro Clock with former support member of mayabeya Sin. The band had few releases and eventually dibanded in 2008.
After Anachro Clock disbanded Maya resumed his solo project and signed to the indies label FINCH LIQUEUR. At the same time he played support bass for SHILFEE AND TULIPCOROBOCKLES, solo project of FINCH LIQUEUR owner Furukawa Tomo.
Maya's main project is currently outside the visual kei scene as part of a new instrumental band inspired by Irish folk music called SHEENA.

Band history

As a support member




with ドレミ團

as mayabeya

with アナクロクロック

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