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  • the Collaborations and Appearances tab on the GazetteE's discography overlaps the Albums and Singles tabs..I've tried to take that tab 1 line lower but I couldn't do it with just
    </br>..Can you do someting to solve that?

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  • I've translated the Gazette's songs from their first 3 singles and the first mini album but I've noticed that their Compilation discography page is not done yet..I have Black Drop junkie nancy that was a compilations song on KALEIDOSCOPE..Can you please do those too?

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    • After I translate Damashi from BEFORE I DECAY I want to start from the beginning with Wakaremichi

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    • Good work! I recently adopted another wiki and it needed a major overhaul so I have been working on that. I remember There were still some albums from the GazettE that needed to be made into pages. I'll get on that momentarily.

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    • Yeah..Thank you!

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