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Moi dix Mois
Spelling モワディスモワ
Status indies, active
Origin Tokyo
Years 2002.3.19 - present
Genres Gothic Metal
Symphonic Metal
Labels Maglaia (2012-)
Midi:Nette (2002-2011)
Mabell (2004)
Trisol (EU, 2007)
Gan-Shin Records (EU, 2006)
Fanclub Mon†amour

Moi dix Mois is the solo project of former MALICE MIZER guitarist Mana.


Moi dix Mois were announced as Mana's solo project on his birthday, March 19th 2002. The project included vocalist Juka and bassist Kazuno, while Tohru was only reported as a support member on drums. Their first concert was held at SHIBUYA-AX on July 31st at the event "Dis inferno", which was produced by Mana's fashion brand Moi-même-Moitié. The release of their first single Dialogue Symphonie and national tour forbidden shortly after. The first full-length Dix infernal was released again on Mana's birthday the following year. The final gig of the tour for Dix infernal was filmed for a DVD release.

In May 2004 Tohru becomes an official member of the project and the single Shadows Temple, from the album NOCTURNAL OPERA, is released. Mysterious member Shadows X was listed as second vocalist in the booklet. He would appear on most of Moi dix Mois future releases and he is rumored to be Mana himself.

NOCTURNAL OPERA marked the start of Mana's activities overseas. He appeared as a special guest on Japan Expo in Paris in July 2004 and also opened the international division of his fanclub Mon Amour. On December 15th guitarist and death vocalist K appeared as a new member. With this lineup Moi dix Mois would go on the tour Invite to immorality, with performances in Japan, France and Germany in March and April 2005. At the final gig of this tour Juka left the band after a sudden announcement.

Moi dix Mois went on hiatus for a few month. On their fanclub magazine it was reported that Kazuno and Tohru had left the project in September 2005, leaving Mana, K and a yet undisclosed new vocalist as the only remaining members. Mysterious vocalist Seth (confirmed but never officially announced to be SEIJI from Brain Hacker) was then announced and with this three member lineup Moi dix Mois released the mini-album Beyond the Gate. They toured Europe and Japan again from March to May 2006 with Sugiya and Hayato respectively on bass and drums as live support musicians. They would later become official members as well, even though an official statement was never made.

The single Lamentful Miss in October was the first with the new five member lineup. For their new album DIXANADU they extensively toured Europe and became particularly popular overseas. They then slowed down their activities from 2008 having gigs only every few months and hardly releasing new material. In 2012 they celebrated their tenth anniversary with a series of concerts and the remake album Reprise. This was the first release not to be produced by Mana's historical label Midi:Nette. It seems that Midi:Nette ceasing to exist after the collaboration with executive producer Yukie Ito (who was producing Mana's works on Midi:Nette since his days in MALICE MIZER) ended. For the last concert of the Le dixieme anniversaire tour on March 20th 2013, Moi dix Mois' original lineup appeared on stage once more with Juka, Tohru and Kazuno as well as the current members.

K was found dead at his house on May 19th 2014, and in December former OMEGA DRIPP guitarist took his position. In 2015 Moi dix Mois have been reported writing and recording new songs for a future album release.


Mdm member 1.jpg Mana
Guitar, Programming

Ves.teargeGIRL'E摩天楼MALICE MIZER → Moi dix Mois

Mdm member 2.jpg Seth
Vocals (2005.12 - present)

AFTER IMAGEAMADEUSAC BLANDISHBUZZBrain Hacker → Moi dix Mois → Moi dix Mois, Art Cube → Moi dix Mois, SHAPE SHIFTER → Moi dix Mois, 美良 政次

Mdm member 3.jpg Ryux
Guitar, Chorus (2015.12.07 - present)
Mdm member 4.jpg Sugiya
Bass (2016.03.11 - present)
PlatinA ForestVanillaGHOST MOUSE CLUB, KuRt (support) → Moi dix Mois
Mdm member 5.jpg Hayato
Drums (2006.03.11 - present)
ジュウジカBlüeBUZZoxideJILS (support) → Moi dix Mois, ENDLESS (support), draw the perspective

Former Members

Mdm member 6.jpg K
Guitar, Vocals (2004.12.15 - 2014.05.19)

Ru~neGRAND ZERO → Moi dix Mois → 刺四, Moi dix Mois, Art Cube (support) → Moi dix Mois

Mdm member 7.jpg Tohru
Drums (2004.5.31 - 2005.12), Support Drums (2002.3.19 - 2004.5.31)
Merry Go RoundANTIC DOLLCLAUDIAMerry Go Round (support) → JILS → Moi dix Mois (support) → Moi dix Mois, dibs akiPROJECT TO EVIL======
Mdm member 8.jpg Kazuno
Bass (2002.3.19 - 2005.12)
→ Moi dix Mois → Juka (support) → PROJECT TO EVIL
Mdm member 9.jpg Juka
Vocals (2002.4.19 - 2005.4.24)
→ Moi dix Mois → HIZAKI grace project Juka, Node of Scherzo, HIZAKI grace projectXOVERVII-Sense

Lineup Chronology


All music and lyrics by Mana.


MoidixMois Dixinfernal.jpg
Dix infernal
full-length (2003.3.19)
  1. Dix infernal
  2. La dix croix
  3. front et baiser
  4. Ange
  5. tentation
  6. Solitude
  7. Pessimiste
  8. Gloire dans le silence
  9. L'intérieur Dix
  10. Détresse
  11. Prière
  12. Dialogue Symphonie-x
  13. Dis est infini


  • First press with special package.
  • Released in France by Mabell in 2004.
MoidixMois NocturnalOpera.jpg
full-length (2004.7.20)
  1. Invite to Immorality
  2. Nocturnal Romance
  3. monophobia
  4. vestige
  5. Vizard
  6. Mephisto Waltz
  8. the Prophet
  9. Perish
  10. Shadows Temple-x
  11. silent omen


  • First press in slipcase.
  • Released in Europe by Trisol on December 2nd 2005 with all previous singles in a bonus disc.
MoidixMois BeyondtheGate.jpg
Beyond the Gate
mini-album (2006.3.1)
  1. The other side in blood
  2. Eternally Beyond
  3. deus ex machina
  4. Vain
  5. Deflower
  6. unmoved
  7. The other side of the door
  8. Eternally Beyond (Instrumental)
  9. deus ex machina (Instrumental)
  10. Vain (Instrumental)
  11. Deflower (Instrumental)
  12. unmoved (Instrumental)


  • Release in Europe by GAN SHIN Records.
  • Japanese limited edition and European edition feature instrumental versions as bonus tracks.
MoidixMois DIXANADU.jpg
full-length (2007.3.28)
  1. dispell bound
  2. Angelica
  3. Metaphysical
  4. exclude
  5. Last Temptation
  6. Immortal Madness
  7. neo pessimist
  8. Xanadu
  9. A Lapis Night's Dream
  10. Lamentful Miss
  11. Lilac of Damnation
  12. sacred lake


  • Released in Europe by Trisol on May 4th 2007 with the single Lamentful Miss as a bonus disc.
  • A limited edition was released in Japan in August 2007. All tracks were instrumental.
full-length (2010.12.15)
  1. In Paradisum
  2. The Seventh Veil
  3. Witchcraft
  4. The SECT
  5. Divine Place
  6. Pendulum
  7. The Pact of Silence
  8. Ange~D side holy wings
  9. Agnus Dei
  10. Sanctum Regnum
  11. Dead Scape
  12. Dies Irae
  13. Baptisma
remake album(2012.7.11)
  1. En Lumière
  2. Dialogue Symphonie
  3. front et baiser
  4. Solitude
  5. the Prophet
  6. Invite to Immorality
  7. Nocturnal Romance
  8. Vestige
  9. La dix croix
  10. Secret longing
  11. Pageant
  12. Je l'aime


MoidixMois single 1.jpg
Dialogue Symphonie
  1. Dialogue Symphonie
  2. forbidden
  3. Dialogue Symphonie (Instrumental)
  4. forbidden (Instrumental)
MoidixMois single 2.jpg
Shadows Temple
  1. Shadows Temple
  2. Night breed
  3. Shadows Temple (Instrumental)
  4. Night breed (Instrumental)
  1. Secret Longing
  2. Pageant
  3. Pageant (Instrumental)
MoidixMois single 4.jpg
Lamentful Miss
  1. Lamentful Miss
  2. Perish
  3. forbidden
  4. Lamentful Miss (Instrumental)
  5. Perish (Instrumental)
  6. forbidden (Instrumental)


MoidixMois DVD 1.jpg
Dix infernal -Scars of sabbath-
live DVD(2003.12.6)
  1. Dix infernal
  2. Gloire dans le silence
  3. Night breed
  4. MAd iNgrAin
  5. Pessimiste
  6. Front et baiser
  7. Solitude
  8. Tentation
  9. Spiral
  10. Dialogue Symphonie
  11. Priére
  12. L'intérieur Dix
  13. Détresse
  14. Ange
  15. Pagent
  16. Perish
  17. Vizard
  18. forbidden
  19. La dix croix
  20. Dix est infini
  21. ~Memoirs~ Tour2002 forbidden
  22. Tour2003 Dix Infernal
  23. 06/04/2003 AKASA BLITZ


  • Released in France by Mabell in 2004.
MoidixMois DVD 2.jpg
Europe Tour 2005 -Invite to Immorality-
live DVD(2005.7.27)
  1. silent omen
  2. the Prophet
  3. front et baiser
  5. Night breed
  6. unmoved
  7. Pessimiste
  8. Vestige
  9. Invite to Immorality - Nocturnal Romance
  10. Perish
  11. Mephisto Waltz
  12. Dialogue Symphonie 
  13. Vizard
  14. Ange
  15. forbidden
  16. La dix croix
  17. Shadow Temple
  18. Monophobia
  19. Pageant
  20. silent fear     
  21. Ending 

Bonus Disc (Limited Edition)

  • March 26th München Concert Documentary
  • March 28th Paris Concert Documentary
  • The Memory of Mana The Day in München
  • The Memory of Mana The Day in Paris
  • Image Shooting
  • Japan Expo & Photografic Magnifique Shooting
  • Europe Tour 2005 -Invite To Immorality- Final April 24th SHIBUYA-AX Digest
MoidixMois DVD 3.jpg
DIXANADU ~Fated "raison d'être"~ Europe Tour 2007
live DVD(2008.1.30)
  1. Sacred Lake
  2. Metaphysical
  3. exclude
  4. Night breed
  5. Vain
  6. A Lapis Night's Dream
  7. Lamentful Miss
  8. Last Temptation
  9. Perish
  10. dispell bound
  11. Angelica
  12. Immortal Madness
  13. unmoved
  14. Neo Pessimist
  15. Vizard
  16. forbidden
  17. Xanadu
  18. Lilac of Damnation
  19. deus ex machina
  20. Sacred Lake
  21. Ending
  22. DIXANADU~Fated“raison d'être”~Europe Tour 2007 Documentary
  23. Audio Commentary
  24. DIXANADU~Fated“raison d'être”~Europe Tour 2007 Live In Paris Documentary


  • Released in Europe by Trisol


Omnibus albums

  • 2006.03.31 Orkus Presents: The Best Of 2005
  • 2006.11.24 13th Street - The Sound Of Mystery 2


  • 2004.10.25 Magnifique



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