Node of Scherzo
Spelling ノード・オブ・スケルツォ
Status indies, disbanded
Origin Tokyo, Kantō
Years 2007 - 2008
Genres Visual Rock
Labels Sherow Artist Society
Related Versailles
Node of Scherzo is a theatrical rock show created by Versailles' vocalist KAMIJO. Rather a sort of musical than a session band, it is focused on the characters played by KAMIJO, Juka and Kaya. The main plot is different at every concert and is told by several skits and live performances involving some guests musicians and bands.


Node of Scherzo played only three concerts so far.
The first, held at Shibuya O-WEST on March 14th 2007, was about a love triangle involving the three main characters. The second concert (May 4th, 2007) had a similar plot: KAMIJO and Juka, representing receptively light and darkness, lead two armies (composed of several guests) which fought to each other for the love of Kaya.
The last concert (October 31st, 2007) was a vampire-themed Halloween special. Juka played the role of a pure hero fooled by the fiendish queen of the vampires (Kaya) and her husband (KAMIJO). For this event KANZAKI and all the members of Versailles joined the main cast.
Node of Scherzo also performed one song as a secret guest at some of the concerts of the national tour 日本耽美革命 (Nihon Tanbi Kakumei) and at the Christmas Eve event of Sherow Artist Society.


Main Cast

Guest Cast

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