AKA マゴマゴ (Magomago, nickname)
KISAKI Final Band
Spelling ファンタスマゴリア
Status indies, disbanded
Origin Osaka, Kansai
Years 2004.11.01 - 2007.08.31
Revivals on: 2008.05.30, 2008.08.02, 2008.08.30, 2008.08.31
Genres Melodic metalcore
Visual rock
Related chariots
マーディレイラ (Mar'derayla)

Phantasmagoria is KISAKI's (head of Matina and UNDER CODE PRODUCTION) "last band" before his retirement on August 31, 2007.


Phantasmagoria was formed in November 2004 by Kisaki and their first single "Material Pain" was released in " Shoxx magazine" on December 21 of the same year. The following day the group released its first Maxi-single, "Moonlight Revival".

Phantasmagoria was featured on the cover of a well-known visual kei magazine, "Cure", one month after their formation, becoming one of the fastest-rising indies bands to appear on the cover of a magazine.

Rame (bassist of Vidoll) teasingly began referring to the band as "Mago" (Mago means "grandchildren" and was taken from Phantas-mago-ria). The name "Mago" is now used by fans as well.

Phantasmagoria played their first concerts in the United States on October 21 and 22nd, 2005 at Oni-con in Houston, Texas. On March 26th, the band played their first Japanese one-man.


On February 23rd, 2007, guitarist Iori and drummer Matoi left the band. The reason given for Iori's departure was that he did not feel comfortable being in a major band; Matoi stated in Japanese interviews that he left due to a foot injury, but in English interviews, KISAKI stated that he also did not feel comfortable being in a major band. On April 5th, KISAKI announced that he was retiring and Iori and Matoi had returned to the band, but the band would be "sealing." He followed up on the announcement on a live radio show on April 8th, where the band's first and last fan trip was revealed, as well as the final event tour and final oneman tour. KISAKI claimed to become "officially retired" from the active visual kei scene on August 31, 2007 but continued to run his label and produce music.

On May 3rd 2008 Phantasmagoria performed live at Hide Memorial Summit.

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During the 2010 UNDER CODE PRODUCTION New Year's live, Phantasmagoria was revived to perform. Along with their revival, the band released a mini-album and a single which contained songs the band had written while they were active but never released. The EP, entitled "Seeds of Brain," contained four new songs, where as the new single, "Diamond Dust," contained the title track and an instrumental version. In an interview with Shoxx magazine, Kisaki stated "Although we created the songs a while back, we never released them. We included those for hardcore fans who want to listen to all our songs. This is our last release; although I'm not sure if that sounds convincing [grins]. But this time around it's really the end." On April 5th, the band had their last official live and Kisaki announced his newest band, 凛 -the end of corruption world-, the day after. In spite of much criticism, Kisaki has retracted his retirement and is now active again in the scene. As of now, their last release is yet another collection of unreleased songs entitled "Actuality," which was released in two versions on June 16th, 2010.

Riku also became involved with the band, chariots. His new band featured members of Pashya, the Pumpkin Head, and Jaguar, and has released 10 singles, several omnibus releases, two extended plays, and a full-length collection album that came in two versions. The current status of this project is considered to be inactive due to all of the members leaving aside from Riku. It is assumed that Chariots is going to be used as a solo project from now on, but no new material has been released. Also, Riku, along with Chariots' drummer and one of their guitarists, became members of 凛 later in 2010.

Jun has his solo project, called "attic", in which he sings and writes music. Currently Jun and Iori are working together in an Oshare-kei influenced band called "Spiv States."

Matoi went on to join JILL CHRIST and their first single, "Chrism...Code46358," was released on April 18, 2008. This band has not released any material since.


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