single by Versailles
Format CD, CD+DVD (ltd.)
Release Date 2012.07.4
Length 18:51
Genre Symphonic metal, power metal
Label Warner Music Japan
Catalog Number WPCL-11123


Price ¥1,200 (Regular)

¥5,555 (Limited)

Producer Versailles
Chart peak #23 (Oricon Style)
ROSE is the sixth single by Versailles and the fifth as major. It was released on July 4, 2012 in commemoration of their fifth anniversary as a band. The single was released in a regular CD-only edition, plus a CD+DVD edition titled ROSE -5th Anniversary Box-. The DVD contains footage from the World Tour 2012 -Holy Grail- Grand Final ~Chateau de Versailles~ held on February 12th, as well as footage of the band's history.

Track listing

Regular Edition CD

  1. ROSE - 5:25
    composed by HIZAKI , lyrics by KAMIJO, arranged by Versailles
  2. 妖 -ayakashi- 4:37
    composed by MASASHI, lyrics by KAMIJO, arranged by Versailles
  3. Love will be born again [Japanese Version] - 4:25
    composed by KAMIJO , lyrics by KAMIJO, arranged by Versailles
  4. THE RED CARPET DAY - 4:24
    composed by TERU, lyrics by KAMIJO, arranged by Versailles

ROSE -5th Anniversary Box- DVD

  1. History of Descendant of the Rose
  3. Judicial Noir
  4. Thanatos
  5. DRY ICE SCREAM!! [Remove Silence]
  6. Flowery
  7. Vampire
  8. Remember Forever
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