Real name 遠藤康則 (Endo Yasunori)
Aliases 紫-YUKARI- (BAISER)
Date of birth 8 January 1969 (rumour)
Birthplace Tokyo
Bloodtype A
Years active 2003 - present (producer)
1991 - 2002 (musician)
Current band none
Occupation producer, vocalist
Instruments piano, programming
Website OHP

Yukari was the vocalist and leader of the visual rock band BAISER and, more recently, a music producer.


Yukari got his first contact with music at 3 by taking piano lessons.
He started playing music with friends from high school being influenced by bands like Alien Sex Fiend, Christian Death, BUCK-TICK and DEAD END. After graduating, Yukari formed BAISER with the help of his long-time friend Akane around 1991. BAISER got quite popular in the indies visual kei scene and managed to get a major contract with Sony Music in 1999, after several years of activity and a big lineup change that made Yukari the only member present from the band formation.
In 2000 BAISER went on a break for several months and Yukari announced he would temporarily work on a solo project. However, both BAISER and Yukari's solo project reached an end in January 2005.
Yukari then formed a new band called Endorphine with former BAISER guitarist Mizuki. This new project was considered to be a turning point for Yukari's career, who was approaching industrial rock music and adopted a much more toned-down visual style. However, due to unknown reasons Endorphine went on hiatus and vanished into thin air in early 2002.
However, Yukari kept on updating his personal website and revealed in late 2003 that he would produce a new promising band called RENTRER EN SOI. Helping the band not only as producer but also as co-arranger of all songs, he strongly influenced the band sound. The first work to be produced by Yukari was the ゆりかご (Yurikago) mini-album, released in January 2004. Sligthly more than one year later, after the release of the twin mini-albums Keinの棺 (Kein no hitsugi) and Astreの絲 (Astre no Ito), Yukari parted ways with the band.

Yukari is currently a producer at Resistar Records, producing the bands Dog in the PWO, BugLug, and Blu-BiLLioN.

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