Aliases ユウト (yuuto)
Date of birth January 27
Bloodtype B
Years active 2009-present
Current band UnRealistic
Occupation vocalist
Website Twitter
Blog (Called Plan)

ユウト (yuuto) was the vocalist of the visual kei band UnRealistic. He was also the former vocalist of Called≠Plan.


  • Birthday: January 27th
  • Blood Type: B
  • Height: 182cm
  • Cigarette: Doesn't smoke
  • Perfume: バーバリー

Band history

Session bands

  • Un≠LiA - Featuring three members of UnRealistic, this band performed at Ash OSAKA on December 15, 2014, and was a part of a sessions event organized by QuaLiA members. Along with a couple of his current bandmates, yuuto was also reunited with his former bandmate from Called≠Plan, minoru. Lineup included yuuto on vocals, ao (ex-ShakingSpeaker, Paradeis) and A.KI (Unrealistic) on guitars, nagisa (Unrealistic) on bass, and minoru (QuaLiA, ex-Called≠Plan) on drums.
  • シキオカRUSH! - Led by DixdriveR's 四季-shiki-, this band will perform at DixdriveR's presents live "チョコレート貰い隊3" at Ash OSAKA on March 16, 2015. Lineup includes yuuto on vocals, fuki (メカクシ) on guitar, shiki on bass, and charinori (メカクシ) on drums.




with Called≠Plan

  • 2009.11.09 IMAGE PLAN
  • 2010.04.05 Quantum Leap
  • 2010.11.01 Radical, Cherry Boy&Girl
  • 2011.03.23 Anata no Seishun Washizukami ★
  • 2011.06.01 Carnival King
  • 2011.10.05 Crazy Cat
  • 2012.07.11 Yozo Lion
  • 2012.09.08 Complete
  • 2013.01.23 R
  • 2013.01.23 L

with UnRealistic

  • 2014.07.30 Slip Manner
  • 2015.02.04 RULER
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